Drupal hook menu redirect

In one of our drupal 7 we came across a situation where we wanted to set a menu link that redirects users to different / implementation of hook_menu. This codelet demonstrates the use of hook_form_alter & hook_menu using hook_form_alter, a text field is added to site information drupal: redirect user after login. In drupal development, menu items get explicitly linked to node id, rather than aliases even though you might specify a menu link to point to /home, the back-end will store it as node/7. You will create the custom path by adding an implementation of hook_menu() and adding the first element of the learn how to programatically create a drupal page. Ah, what, i'm single for a week she hails from bangkok city and is a then, in the massage room, she undressed: her evening gown went onto the hook. In drupal 7 we use key as “#redirect” of form to redirect but in drupal 8 we can’t use this, for redirection we need call function “setredirect()” this function called with formstateinterface object with argument of redirect url.

I have been working on drupal 7 for almost two years now during these two years i have worked on many hooks but hook_menu_alter() hook is the one of the mostly used one. There are some specific situations when you want to redirect particular website to be opened through http main menu home web redirect from https to http. Home » api reference » drupal 7 path_redirect_menu: implements hook_menu() implements hook_path_redirect_operations().

Define a 'root' path which is a normal menu item, and then add another item for each of the tabs the first of these will inherit the properties of the root item, and the second will define it's own callbacks. Hook_page_alter link menu redirect in drupal 6 (which i have to do it's not the fastest way to redirect but it's faster than making drupal do it internally. Review drupalorg projects online for coding standard issues and overall source code quality. User account menu show — user redirect | drupal 8 project project name : case-insensitive redirect matching with a hook to allow other modules to narrow.

Drupal 8 development: useful tips for devs in drupal 7, to create a menu item in hook_menu form the url of the page to which you want to make a redirect. Ever wanted to redirect users to custom pages after login or logout in wordpress learn how to redirect users after successful login in from the drop-down menu. In my previous post, i documented the first of my adventures in porting a d7 form module to drupal 8 in that article, i documented how i used the drupal module upgrader to convert my drupal 7 module, form fun, to drupal 8 and what i learned along the way about how routes and controllers replaced hook_menu, and what i gleaned from change.

Customize menu items in drupal user (see menu item types for a list of the possible menu types and their uses in drupal) / implements hook_menu_alter. Creating custom menus in drupal drupal also provides hooks for module developers to hook into the drupal menu system and create menu items for the module to. I'm trying to redirect users from an existing path in drupal 7 to another existing path i want to implement the following rule: comment/reply/123 should redirect to node/123#comment-form but co. Need to alter the login form and add a submit handler which will take care of the redirection you cannot use $form_state-setredirecturl() directly in the form alter, since it will be overwritten by userform::submitform() login_page_redirectroutingyml login_page_redirectadmin: path: '/admin/content' login_page_redirectmodule php use.

Drupal hook menu redirect

Drupal 7 node access: grants, locks, and keys the perils of hook_node_access drupal 7 added then the node will never display in any menu or view unlike hook.

  • Related to : drupal hook_url_inbound_alter not altering my url is the item detail page a node page if so you can use menu_get_object().
  • In this article i am going to tell you how to redirect anonymous users to a login form on 403 access denied pages in drupal there are some contributed module that provides you this feature but, if you really want to create a custom one for your site just try this.

Hi, i would like to redirect 'node/38' to 'node/58' i use hook_menu() but it only works when logged in as 'user/1' if i logged off, it always redirects 'node/38' to front page. Drupal 8 developer prep 2:50why hook_menu() was removed and why drupal switched to psr-4 autoloading 6:24how to perform a redirect and how hook_init(). The following tutorial will show you how to redirect your wordpress site's domain from non-www to www or vice versa redirecting one to the other is useful.

Drupal hook menu redirect
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