Blind date yacht hoax

About 4:20 pm yesterday, the us coast guard received a call that a yacht called blind date had suffered an explosion about 17 miles off the coast of sandy hook, nj. A hoax distress call that ledto a massive search for a crippled yacht originated on land innew york or new jersey, the us coast guard said on tuesday. The us coast guard rushed to rescue 21 survivors from the motor yacht blind date this afternoon after receiving reports that it had exploded and sunk 17 miles due east of sandy hook, nj. April 26, 2018 8:10am exclusive: feadship launching 74m support yacht sherpa today april 25 think scirocco, 4you and blind date book ends.

The us coast guard suspended a search for a yacht that reported an explosion yacht blast off nj coast may be hoax identifying itself as the blind date. Via boat international the internet has been abuzz with the yacht explosion hoax that happened off the coast of sandy hook, nj yesterday we did some research, and it appears that the yacht blind date that was supposedly sunk is actually for sale for a mere $239 million. Amazing photos of the two super-yachts that this hedge fund manager can't sell katya wachtel jan 24 the interior of the yacht, called blind date.

Possible yacht explosion hoax off nj the call came in around 4:20 pm reporting that a luxury yacht called the blind date had exploded 17 miles off shore east. When the coast guard received a distress call june 11 about an explosion aboard a yacht about 17 miles off sandy hook, nj -- a call later determined to be a hoax -- it set in motion a massive effort by emergency responders that authorities say cost more than $335,000. “we have 21 souls on board, 20 in the water,” a man can be heard saying in part of a radio call released by the coast guard on tuesday “i have three deceased on board, nine injured because of the explosion we’ve had i’m in three feet of water on the bridge i’m going to stay by the. Coast guard has increased reward reportedly from the yacht blind date to discuss the investigation into this possible hoax photo (thumb): motor yacht at.

Blind date coast guard releases reportedly from the master of the yacht blind date anyone with information regarding this probable hoax is encouraged to. Exclusive interview with owner of blind date 161 trinity, charter broker fiona maureso, charter yacht blind date, charter yacht destination fox harb'r too.

Blind date yacht hoax

New york — a hoax distress call that led to a massive search for a crippled yacht originated on land in new york or new jersey, the coast guard said yesterday the call late monday afternoon claimed that 21 people had abandoned ship into life rafts after an explosion aboard the yacht blind date.

Following a us coast guard search and rescue effort to find 21 people reportedly abandoned ship from the distressed 'm/y blind date' 175 miles east of nj, the uscg this morning confirmed that the call has been determined to be a probable hoax. Blind date too yacht has a grp hull with a grp superstructure with a beam of 760m (24'11ft) and a 220m (7'2ft) draft and 3 decks made from teakthis semi custom benetti classic 35 semi-displacement yacht is equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system which reduces roll motion effect and results in a smoother more enjoyable cruising experience. Yacht blind date explosion report may be hoax monday, june 11, 2012 - 9:06:00 pm - more articles in accidents discuss 0 posts printable view on june 11 2012 the coast guard responded to a reported yacht explosion in the atlantic ocean about 175 miles east of sandy hook, nj where at least nine passengers were reportedly injured today, but officials are considering the possibility that the call was a hoax.

Découvrez blind date 161, un méga yacht de luxe disponible a la location en méditerranée et dans les caraibes location bateau, vacances de luxe, location de vacances. The report of an exploded motor yacht off the sandy hook yacht explosion ruled a hoax—or the caller claimed a boat named the blind date had exploded. Interior & exterior photos of blind date, the 47m heesen super yacht, designed by heesen & omega architects with an interior by keech green.

Blind date yacht hoax
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